Preparing to Get Ready to Prepare

Have you checked out the news lately?  Earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, volcanoes, tsunamis, oil spills, hurricanes, mudslides, sinkholes, livestock and crop killing drought, record wildfires.  Wow.  That’s just today!  Whoever’s orchestrating this show really knows how to make a person sit on the edge of their seat.  What’s scary is, other than the tsunamis and hurricanes, any of this stuff could happen where I live.  And this isn’t even a new show.  It’s all reruns and they happen month after month.

So years ago I decided to take action.  I  thought I better heed the advice of the prolific plethora of disaster oriented commercials and websites such as The American Red Cross, FEMA and a multitude of other emergency preparedness gurus.  I bookmarked them all on my computer.  There, I was ready.   All that info available at the touch of a button… unless there was a power outage.  Okay, so then I printed off the information and loaded them in a binder.  Now I would know exactly what to do to prepare when an emergency happened… if I could find the binder and had time to read through all the information AND take action.  Unlikely.  Fast forward to the present after a few minor bumps in the road of life got my attention.  I was definately ready to get prepared or prepared to get ready.  Um.  You’re right.  I am a slow learner.  A late bloomer.  Not too quick off the mark.  Well, you get the idea.

You guessed it.  I finally actually read the material, put together 72 hour kits for each family member, made a plan of action and discussed it with them, stocked up at least two months of food and supplies at home (thank you super coupon shopping networks), compiled emergency car kits for each vehicle and a comprehensive first aid kit.  And don’t forget the pets.  We even trained the cat to take cover during an air raid.  When my son plays the siren in this link,, Baby runs for cover under a chair or table and stays there until we say, “All clear, Baby.”  Now we’re all set.

Baby, relaxed and confident that she's ready for any disaster situation.

Unfortunately, my body is not as prepared as my mind.  Walking around my sister’s little homestead the other day, we watched as a storm cell bore down on us and I wondered what would happen if a tornado dropped out of the middle of the dark vortex.  I would be able to move about as fast as Tim Conway doing the Old Man Shuffle (  Have to work on that.  I bookmarked a website…