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The Waiting Game, *sigh*

While I wait for a random Category 5 solar storm to create a Carrington Event ( that will wipe out the computer registration of my title/deed and any evidence of my mortgage loan (and possibly throw us back into a third world country status), maybe I could hire H.A.A.R.P. ( ) to direct a mega tornado or bank destroying earthquake just to the specific area of my records.  Oh, wait.  The people who run the banks are probably the same people who own H.A.A.R.P.  Drat, back to the research board.

After learning about MERS which is the type of loan I have, I started calling around for an attorney.  Found one in my area and started proceedings for my foreclosure defense.  He sent two letters requesting the mortgage company to “produce the note” .  They didn’t.  The day before my foreclosure sale, the attorney filed a restraining order against the sale and stopped it until a hearing can be scheduled between the attorneys and the district judge that signed the order.  This will take awhile.  So far, I have been living in my home “rent” free for one year.  At first I felt guilty, but when my attorney explained that the mortgage company will get paid through the insurance I was required to purchase at the time of my sale, and reminded me that I had offered to work out an alternative payment arrangement which they refused, I no longer felt as if I was “robbing the bank”.

What will happen now?  There is still a chance that I will lose my home.  Other cases that he has completed have mixed outcomes.  Some clients have opted to work out new payment arrangements with the mortgage company, one client has won the title to their home free and clear, nobody has been evicted to date, and some of them have been living in their homes for over two years while the process continues.

While I wait, I try new things to keep my mind and “devil’s playthings” busy.  I learn to blog, to quilt and to try and find my way back from the Inner Sanctum, a veritable labyrinth of padded brain cells.  Anyone willing to lend a helping hand or guiding light?  Comments welcome.


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Mother, grandmother, greatgrandmother, retired/disabled, at the mercy of the economy, divorced and at a crossroads in my life. Ouch! Something has to change.

One response to “The Waiting Game, *sigh*

  1. Di ⋅

    Is that a BIG sigh or just one of relief?

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